POST 151

2023 “Buddy Checks” 
Post Officer Contacted About 50% of Members in 2022, and Calls will Continue thru 2023

Post 151 elected officers started made buddy checks to members in March thru December 2022. Phone calls were made to more than 54 post members out of our 104 total members. It was hit-and-miss as some phone numbers were no longer in service. Members that had been contacted expressed appreciation for the calls and generally reported they were doing well, and were recieving veterans benefits they earned. In some cases post officers assisted other members in getting benefits such as getting enrolled to the VA health care system. Post 151 will work to continue contacting all post members annualy. Unfortunately, not all post members were contacted in the inital 2022 Buddy Check calls. We are dedicated to supporting all our fellow veterans and will double our efforts in 2023.

American Legion Buddy Check is an ongoing program that started by making calls in March and November of each year, but has now become a year-long effort.  Please consider becoming part of the Post 151 Buddy Check team. To volunteer contact Post Commander Mike George at 608 577-5662, or