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Operation Shoebox needs 10,000 skull caps for the soldiers in Irag by the end of October.  They are used for warmth and comfort under their helmets.  Do you knit or crochet?  Would be interested in helping?

TROOP SCULL CAP PATTERS: For the Troops in Irag by Sharon Robinson

Original Pattern all rights reserved.

NOTE:  NO wool yarn.  Dark colors only (Tans, Brown, Grey, MEd. Greens, Blues, Navy, Black Etc)  No pastels or flashy colors.  Lighter colors can be used if you do the last 3 rows in a dark color.  Can be striped but don't change colors in the midle of the row.  Count your stiches in each row.  They want the pattern exact.  Yarn may cause some variance in size but thats ok.


H hook if you crochet loosley

Ch 4; close for a ring; ch. 3 (all Ch. 3 count as a DC)

Rnd 1:  11 DC in ring; close ring with sl st in top of ch. 3; (12 sts.) ch 3

Rnd 2:  2 DC in each st around; sl. st. in top of ch 3 (24 st.) ch. 3

Rnd 3:  *2 DC in first st; 1 DC in next sts; [repeat * around] sl. st. in top of ch 3; (36 st.) Ch3

Rnd 4: Repeat round 3 (54 sts.)

Rnd 5: *2 DC in 1st st; 1 DC in each of next 6 sts; [repeat * around] DC in last 4 sts; ch. 3 (62 sts) ch.3

Rnd 6 to 11:  DC in each st; close each rnd. as before; (62 stitches)

Rnd 12:  Double crochet around front post in 1st st; around Back post in 2nd st (the sts of the pervious row ar your "posts".  Yam over hook, go down on one side of the "post" and up the other and continue the dc.  On next st. come up from back of post and go down the other side, finish dc.) [repeat around to form ribbing] (all rows 62 sts. each)  Fasten off, weave in the end.


4-ply Knitting Worsted Weight Yarn

Size 10 needles

Cast on 76 stiches loosely

K2 P2 until piece measures 6 inches

Next Row - K2 together across

Next Row - Knit across

Next Row - K2 together

Continue in this manner until 5 stiches remain.

Thread yarn through remaining stitches and sew the back seam.

Contact persons are Charleen Graff 835-3597 or Donna Miller (715) 832-8934