POST 151

Parkis Waterbury Honored as 50-Year Member

Parkis R. Waterbury was honored at a recent Post 151 meeting this fall for his service of more than 50 years as a Legionnaire and member of Post 151. Parkis joined the post shortly after his return from Vietnam service in the US Navy and discharge. Today you will often see Parkis wearing his “Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club” veterans cap. The nickname was given to the US Navy’s Seventh Fleet that conducted combat operations from the gulf located in the northwest South China Sea off the coast of Vietnam.

Parkis joined Post 151 on 9 February 1973 through the encouragement of WWI veteran Emery Sipple, who was also instrumental in founding the post along with Parkis’ father.  We are fortunate to have Parkis as a fellow Legionnaire. He has been very active in the post over the years and has held several leadership positions including serving as post commander.  Post Adjutant Chris Ogden (left) and Commander Mike George (right) presented Parkis with the 50-Year Membership certificate.